Volunteer to support the call for help in the wider area outside Lea

Herefordshire Council are seeking volunteers

These are unprecedented times and the work you do within your communities has never been more vital in keeping people safe and well.

You will though be aware of the impact COVID-19 is having across our country. Herefordshire council and the NHS are working hard preparing for the peak of the virus which is just around the corner. As part of our preparation, we will be rapidly expanding health and social care community service provision.

This will include recruiting a volunteer workforce willing to directly support those most in need. This includes those on the Government’s “shielded” list and those requiring hands on care within our health and social care settings.

Please support us with this vital work.

If you want to be part of this great team and you feel you can help, please click on the link and complete the online registration. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/xfp/form/241

Please note that experience is preferable but by no means necessary as training will be provided. Please note also that those joining the scheme will be required to consent to background checks for safety reasons.