Play, win and help the Lea Village Hall

This is a reminder about the recently formed 100 Club in Lea, where we are raising money to support the village hall, whilst giving residents the opportunity to also be a winner. 

For those new to the concept,  each participant pays £15 a year, this puts their name into the prize draw where monthly winners receive either £5, £10 or £25, plus twice a year the prize is £100. You have just one more day to get involved, or tell others about it! The organiser is Gill Walker, and you send her a quick email here.  

By ensuring you have endorsed your £15 entry fee, you will be put into the first draw taking place this Tuesday 28th April 2020. Obviously if you have pledged your £15 already that’s fine, but do encourage others too. We have over 80 participants to date, but we’d love it to be 100 residents instead.