Temporary suspension of applications for the Universal Credit Transition Fund

Below is an update from the Department of Work and Pensions regarding applications for the Universal Credit Transition Fund – 31st March 2020.

It is with deep regret that owing to the challenging circumstances presented by the coronavirus outbreak we have come to the decision to temporarily suspend the Transition Fund application process.

You will have doubtless seen the news reports outlining the exceptional demand on DWP services at this unprecedented time. Our priority is ensuring people get their benefit payments and protecting vulnerable people who need our support most. We are taking urgent action to boost capacity, including moving 10,000 existing staff to work on new claims with 1,000 already in place, and will recruit a further 1,500 staff to aid the effort. 

Similarly, we have had feedback from many of you that your organisations are not in a position to proceed with an application or mobilise a new project at this time, and like us you’re focussed on the need to keep your colleagues and those you support, safe.

I understand this will be disappointing for you but we will record your interest and return to you if we are in a position to reopen the application process later in the year. If you have already submitted your application, we will hold this on record, provided you are content for us to do so, in the event we are able to progress with the process later in the year. There will be an opportunity for organisations which have already submitted applications to update and amend their bids where necessary.