Now, more than any time in our recent history, we will be judged by our capacity for compassion. Our ability to come through this, won’t just be down to what government or business can do, but by the individual acts of kindness we show one another. The small business who does everything they can not to lay off their staff. The student who does a shop for their elderly neighbour. The retired nurse who volunteers to cover some shifts in their local hospital. When this is over, and it will be over, we want to look back at this moment and remember the many small acts of kindness done by us and to us. We want to look back this time and remember how we thought first of others and acted with decency. We want to look back on this time and remember how, in the face of a generation-defining moment, we undertook a collective national effort – and we stood together. It’s on all of us.

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor

Friends and neighbours helping friends and neighbours

The village needs your help – possibly like never before. If you think you might be able to help run a few errands for your friends and neighbours then please get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with those that need help.

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