What we can help with

We will be aiming to help on two levels – firstly, the purely practical things that you might find your self struggling with either due to self-isolation or because you can no longer get out due to changes in transport arrangements.

  • Shopping for essential provisions
  • Collection of prescriptions
  • GP, medical or other hospital appointments
  • Dog walking

Some shops are offering ‘safe’ opening times for vulnerable shoppers and we would ask that if you are still able to get to the shops yourself that you carry on and do so. Similarly, if you can get yourself to appointments etc., then please do so. Th is will ensure that the volunteer service can be deployed to those that can no longer get out and need our help the most.

The latest bus information can be obtained by visiting Herefordshire Council website and you can sign up for alerts about changes to the bus service that may impact you.

We understand that for many, this is a concerning time and especially difficult if you’re housebound, and so our second way of helping is to off er an ear if you just need someone to chat to. We are committed to ensuring that no one needs to feel alone right now. Get in touch and let us know